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Welcome to my webpage! I’m Stephanie B. Richman, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Baldwin Wallace University. I am a Social Psychologist, someone who studies how people are influenced by the real, imagined, or implied presence of others. More specifically, my research focuses on the self, social rejection, and relationships. Please see the Research Page for more information on my research and access to my publications.


I am passionate about teaching and mentoring students. I highly value undergraduate research engagement and actively involve students in my research and their own independent projects. For more information about the courses I teach and to get more information about doing research with me, please see the Teaching and Mentoring pages respectively. If you have any questions about me or my website, please feel free to contact me

Employment History:

2016-present: Assistant Professor at Baldwin Wallace University

2015-2016: Assistant Professor at Westminster College

2014-2015: Visiting Assistant Professor at Westminster College

2012-2014: Part Time Instructor at Eastern Kentucky University


Education History:

2014: Ph.D., Experimental Social Psychology, University of Kentucky

2012: M.S., Experimental Social Psychology, University of Kentucky

2010: B.A., Psychology, Northwestern University


Stephanie B. Richman

Baldwin Wallace University

Department of Psychology

33 E. Bagley Rd

Berea, OH 44017

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