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I am passionate about mentoring students i

I am passionate about mentoring students in research and proactively

involve them in projects. I am proud of all of my students and love to show off their work!

Below, previous students' projects are featured. You can also see some example photos of

them presenting their work at conferences.


If you are a student interested in doing an independent project with me or in working

on some of my research, please click on the tab "Join the Lab" for more information.


Past Student Projects:


Zach Myers (ongoing): Aphantasia

Jaxon Hart (2019): Suicide, Stigma, and Humor

Jeremy Foust (2018-2019): Self-complexity and Adaptive Decision-Making

Hannah Albrechta (2018-2019): Transgender Stereotypes and Sports


Christina Palmer (2017-2018): Prevalence of Dating Violence on College

Campus and its Effects on Students' Self-esteem and Depression


Taylor Casteel (2015-2016): What Leads to Sexism?: Implications of

Traditional Masculinity and Self-Concept Clarity


Samantha DiCaprio (2015-2016): How Comfort Food Affects Pain Tolerance


Kayleigh Gill (2015-2016): The Effects of Leader Member Exchange Quality

and Differentiation on Individual and Group Performance


Paul Nicol (2015-2016): Physiological Differences between Social and

Romantic Rejection


Nicole Viviano (2015-2016): Drug Addiction Stigma and

Responsibility: Influences on Likeableness and Facial Attractiveness

Louis Friello Jr. (2014-2015): The Impact of Knowledge, Concealability, and

Perceived Dangerousness on Mental Illness Stigma


Lauren Paoletta (2014-2015): The Relationship between Envy and Jealousy

in the workplace


Michelle Myler (2014-2015): Rejection as a Predictor of Emotional and

Physical Pain


Michelle Myler presenting her Capstone project at Westminster's Senior Studies Presentation night. 

Louis Friello Jr. presenting his Capstone project at URAC.

Lauren Paoletta presenting her Capstone project at URAC.

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