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Interested in getting more involved in research?


You've come to the right place! There are two ways you can get involved in research outside the classroom at BW. First, you can pursue your own independent research project with me as a mentor. In this case, you come up with your own ideas for a project and we test them together. My primary areas of interest in research are social rejection, the self-concept, and relationships. I would especially love to help you with an independent study in these areas, but am also willing to pursue other areas of Social Psychology if you have an interesting idea.


Second, you can become my research assistant and help me work on my research projects. In this case, you will join a project that has already been created and work as a team to help complete it. You can participate in this lab as a volunteer or for course credit as an independent study or part of the FSC (Faculty Student Collaboration). Please contact me if you want to hear more about the project I am currently working on. To give you some idea of what I do, there are some previous projects listed below:


Roleplaying Games and the Self: My team and I are currently investigating whether or not people who play roleplaying games self-expand to become more like the characters they are portraying and what effects this has on their purchasing decisions

Sorority Recruitment and the Self: My team and I investigated whether or not women undergoing sorority recruitment change themselves to be more like the sorority they eventually end up joining. We examined personality traits as well as the colors, mascots, and philanthropies associated with each sorority.


Social Rejection and Pets:A variety of consequences follow from being socially rejected. My team and I investigated whether the perpetrator of social rejection could be a pet and what consequences this rejection would take. 


Please contact me at or stop by my office in Malicky 227 if you are interested in joining my research team or in doing an

independent study!

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